How Colorado Net Metering Works


In December 2005 the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) adopted standards for net metering and interconnection, as required by Amendment 37, a renewable energy ballot initiative approved by Colorado voters in November 2004.

Customer-generators are eligible for net metering in Colorado for retail renewable distributed generation.  All utilities are required to provide net metering service at non-discriminatory rates to customer-generators.

Systems sized up to 120% of the customer’s annual average uses that generate electricity using qualifying renewable energy resources are eligible for net metering in IOU service territories. Customers can get a free meter.

Net Excess Generation

Any customer’s excess generation each month is applied as a credit to the customer’s next bill, with each credit off-setting electricity consumption in a future month. Net metering customers may make a one-time election in writing on or before the end of the calendar year to have their NEG carried forward from month-to-month indefinitely.

Meter Aggregation

A single customer with multiple meters located on contiguous property may elect to have their generator offset the load measured at more than one meter, a policy commonly referred to as “meter aggregation.” A free meter will be provided.