Eight Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Go Solar

Solar panels generate more energy during the long summer days, but fall is the best time to order your system. You can save more on your utilities and have your system installed, inspected, and tested in time for spring. Get solar now to lock in product availability and avoid long wait times on your project. The 2022 26% tax credit will be ready for you with all of the required records. You will get the best local incentives and begin a pivotal step to help our environment. Here are eight reasons to get you started with solar now:

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1. Utility bills will increase in 2022

The most recent XCEL rate case proposes a 343 million dollar increase and will increase utility rates by 20%. More increases are on the way as XCEL transitions to clean energy. If you begin your solar energy transition now, you will offset all expensive summer season time of use rate increases.

2. Rate Arbitrage is coming

Many Colorado utilities have started rate arbitrage encouraging storing energy and using it during off-peak. With solar panels and battery storage, you can charge the battery and use your stored energy when utility rates are high and you will be safe and prepared during a power outage.

3. Slower solar panel order fulfillment is coming

According to Bloomberg Green News, Slower order fulfillment may occur in 2022 until trade and supply issues clear-up, and new U.S. factories are online. Ordering now, in 2021, is the best timing to ensure you get your system working in 3 – 4 months.

4. You will be prepared

You will be prepared with a tested and certified system in time for when you need it next spring. A backlog in some municipalities for permitting and inspection solar panel projects has created longer wait times for inspections. For best results, plan early.

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5. The best solar panels are available now

The best panels are available now, but supplies will tighten up, and prices may increase soon. With issues on the supply side for raw materials and manufacturing facilities, analysts project a slight increase in the price of solar panels in 2022 for the same high-performance, low-cost panels available today for less.

6. The solar battery storage market is also seeing supply issues

The solar battery storage market is also seeing supply issues. Raw materials shortages and safety issues are slowing manufacturing. New battery technologies have made it possible to have a backup for almost any large load in your home. EcoMark has these new batteries ready now. EcoMark has the leading technologies and solid supplier agreements to order your battery on time.

7. You can get started with no money down

You can start your solar panel system project with no money down with no extra expense around the holidays with approved credit.

8. Your solar panel system will be up after the first of the year

Your solar panel system will be up after the first of the year in one or two visits, so you will not experience any inconvenience during the holidays.