Our Mission

EcoMark’s goal is to offer every homeowner in Colorado the opportunity to achieve energy independence, financial independence and a more environmentally responsible lifestyle through solar power.

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Our Values

  • People First

    Customers, Employees, Vendors – We strive to improve people’s lives.

  • Efficiency in Action

    We seek the simplest, most common sense solutions

  • Innovation

    We constantly strive to innovate the way solar is made available to consumers

  • Accountability

    We do what we say we will, and we hold each other to a higher standard.

  • Fun

    We enjoy what we do. We take our work seriously, but feel a fun environment delivers better attitudes and a better end result.

Our Leadership

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Our Founder

Our founder, and CEO, has been passionate about solar energy since the 1980s. Soon after graduating from CU Boulder in 2008, the US economy went into a massive recession. 

In 2010, while most were trying to recover from the economic downturn, our founder was looking to the future. His mother told him, “when your back is against the wall, that is when your true character shines through.” He decided it was time to pursue his passion. He founded EcoMark solar that year with a grassroots campaign out of a co-working space in Denver’s River North Art District (RiNo). Since then, his dedication and hard work have helped EcoMark become one of the nation’s top solar contractors and one of Colorado’s premier solar installers.

As a businessperson, and through his lifelong community service, Alex found his calling in helping others achieve their full potential.

Our Team


We see a future where people own the energy they need to live. At EcoMark Solar, our most important resource is our team. We hire licensed and certified experts and people that we train and develop to achieve their best. One thing we all share in common is a passion for helping our neighbors become energy independent. We envision a future where all Coloradans own the energy they need to live.

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Our Awards

dbj award
Top Solar Contractor 2021
Recommended by Dave Logan